This is my freeware Lightwave character object, still under construction.  The idea was to make a character that was fully set up for animation with  facial morph targets and  a boned and IK'ed body.  The plan was to create character(s), props and sets, ready to use for  group projects on the Lightwave newsgroup. The goal was to see what the users on the newsgroups could come up with, with a ready to use character and access to the large library of freeware objects online.

Colin got his name from a character on the Sliders TV show. At the time,  he bore a slight resemblance to the actor who played that part. Originally Colin was going to be a quick and dirty cartoony character with clam-shell eyelids ala "Reboot" and a mouth that would be animated via bones. Shortly after I had started, a flood of realistic human head objects began appearing on the alt.binaries.3d.lightwave newsgroup at that time. Not wanting to embarrass myself, I decided to make him a semi-cartoony comic book styled character instead. But as time goes on, the character is slowly becoming less and less cartoony.

Currently my goals for the character consist of the following:

  1. complete set of phonemes
  2. working eyelids
  3. facial expressions
  4. boned body
  5. hands in open. closed, pointing, trigger-on/off, okay, victory  and thumbs up poses
  6. various costumes: 
    t-shirt and jeans
    business suit
    police uniform 
    army fatigues 
  7. various props:


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