Jan 03, 2004. 

Recently I have returned to working on my t-rex character. I started with prepping the dino for UV mapping. To make things easier for me, I opted to map the dino as a straightforward sideways view planar map of the body and limbs. This is to avoid dealing with seams when parts wrap around.  The flipside to this is that no you have to avoid making it obvious that the texture map is mirrored (converging lines at an angle forming patterns on the seam). 

ZZrex21L(uv)_1a.jpg (87283 bytes) ZZrex21L(uv)_1b.jpg (54469 bytes)
ZZrex21J(uv)_1a.jpg (47330 bytes) ZZrex21J(uv)_1c.JPG (46136 bytes) ZZ_rexy_UV_base_00.jpg (63878 bytes)
  ZZ_t-rex2J.jpg (52666 bytes) ZZ_t-rex2k.jpg (55151 bytes) ZZ_rex2c.JPG (24299 bytes)

As you can see, my dinosaurs are very realistic looking. :o) 

T-rex v.2 began as a modified version of the mouse I created for my entry in the "Alice in Wonderland" contest at www.3dluvr.com. I haven't decided on a name for him or her yet. I plan to use this character for comic relief or short toon. 


ZZ_t-rex2r.jpg (51076 bytes)

  ZZ_dino1e.jpg (39674 bytes) ZZ_dino1e1.jpg (36138 bytes)  
  ZZ_t-rex1e.jpg (29980 bytes)  


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