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  www.flay.com Lightwave news, tutorials, plug-ins database, galleries, animation links, job listings
  www.cgchannel.com general 3d news, animation links  
  www.3Dluvr.com 3d contests, 3D Studio Max news, user web pages,  bi-monthly contest  
  www.newtekpro.com magazine for Lightwave   
  www.keyframemag.com magazine for Lightwave   
  www.365animation.com general 3d news, product reviews, interviews, job listings, game features  
www.vfxpro.com VFXpro -daily visual effects resource



www.foundation-i.com Foundation Imaging - Max Steel, Starship Troopers: Roughnecks
www.mainframe.ca Mainframe Entertainment: War Planets, Reboot, Beast Wars, Action Man
www.trooperpx.com Roughnecks fan site: "The Worlds Most Complete Starship Troopers Reference Collection."
www.roughneckchronicles.com Roughneck Chronicles fan site. warning lots of  javascript(?) special f/x there



www.projectmessiah.com Messiah:Render, Messiah: Animate, Messiah: Studio
www.newtek.com Lightwave, Aura, Video Toaster
www.joealter.com Shave and a Haircut, hair renderer, and Lipservice facial animation system
www.dynamic-realities.com Lightwave Plug ins



digitaltreats.com gallery
  Steven Stahlberg gallery  
    Ulf Lundgren gallery  
KAYA  gallery
www.geocities.com/siepiau gallery
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