Alice was originally created for the 3Dluvr "Alice in Wonderland" contest. Alice's design was based on the numerous illustrations and photos of Alice on the web.

The contest entry was to depict the court scene from the story. It would have had almost all the characters from the story in one scene. Unfortunately, I had only 2 weeks to work on the project because I started the project a month late. As much as I wanted to make the big courtroom scene,  I just ran out of time. I had to settle for a close up on the jury box of animals and Alice growing.

I really liked the way Alice turned out. I plan to use the character for other projects.

I also gained a number of animal characters too. From the rabbit, I morphed it into a mouse. From the mouse I made a lizard with a closed mouth and from it, I made my newest T-rex character. I also morphed the lizard into a bird too, but it needs more work. I might just morph the T-rex into the bird instead.


ZZ_cardman1i.jpg (44179 bytes) ZZ_mouse1a.jpg (29192 bytes)  
  ZZ_rabbit1e.jpg (42141 bytes) ZZ_bird.jpg (23848 bytes)  
  ZZ_alice1i.jpg (46689 bytes) ZZ_alice1J.jpg (59877 bytes)  
  Alice_3dluvr_v1_3.jpg (83743 bytes) ZZ_alice1J1.jpg (45773 bytes)  







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