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Version 4 Betty was built from a smooth shifting from a metaformed cube. Using the experience I had gained from making Betty v3 and various low poly modeling projects, I had begun designing a recipe for constructing heads. Benefits of this recipe are that the heads have a large amount of detail while being frugal polygon-wise. Prior to version 3, the heads were made from low poly-count spheres, which produced a lot of wasted polygons. Version 3 Betty was created as a low poly count head that also worked both as a metanurbs cage and standalone, but unfortunately. it did not seem ideal for making morph targets by merely moving a few polygons.

Improvements introduced in 
Betty version 4 include: 

  • a new body designed to be flexible when animated. Each joint has been tested to see if they bend correctly. 
  • more realistic ears
  • eyelids that can open/close
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