Design sketches from over the years for the Zfighter. 

This is the first sketch of the Zfighter, done in MS paint on a tablet.

Most of these sketches were made prior to the first attempt at modeling the ship in 3D. 

The Zfighter is intended as a lower tech space fighter operating from orbit and not interplanetary space unless supported by tankers and carriers.

MikeLing2D_0213.JPG (65001 bytes) MikeLing2D_0223.JPG (49682 bytes)
MikeLing2D_0212.JPG (66053 bytes)  MikeLing2D_0221.JPG (31248 bytes)
MikeLing2D_0222.JPG (53757 bytes) MikeLing2D_0224.JPG (34920 bytes) 
MikeLing2D_0220.JPG (34487 bytes) MikeLing2D_0214.JPG (68688 bytes)
MikeLing2D_0210.JPG (43412 bytes) MikeLing2D_0225.JPG (27063 bytes) 
Zfighter without outer guns and maneuvering thrusters ZZ_ZfighterConcept02a.JPG (106195 bytes)  ZZ_ZfighterConcept03a.JPG (157204 bytes)
Zfighter with outer guns and maneuvering thrusters ZZ_ZfighterConcept02b.JPG (114322 bytes) Zfighters docked with supply vessel
Freighter convoy with corvette escorts 0147.JPG (297714 bytes)
enemy fighter based on a zfighter prototype design ZZ_Zfighter_enemy01b.JPG (201254 bytes) ZZ_mini_carrier.JPG (190172 bytes)
close support corvette close support corvette.JPG (127258 bytes) ^ mini carrier   


Zfighter 3d images with temporary placeholder texture maps.  ZZ_Zfighter1v_side.jpg (53720 bytes)  ZZ_Zfighter1v_pair_top.jpg (57976 bytes)
ZZ_Zfighter1v_nw_above.jpg (48485 bytes) ZZ_Zfighter1v_sw_above.jpg (52082 bytes)




This is the first object I ever built. The first version I made was a heavily modified version of the Lightwave spacefighter. I had altered the proportions of the original object to the point where it was no longer recognizable. In addition, I had constructed a new cockpit, canopy and a crude pilot.  The fighter ship was featured on the I-CON 13 television ad. Unfortunately I lost this object years ago. I plan to remake this object from scratch.

MLSfighter03a.JPG (45909 bytes)
MikeLing2D_0172.JPG (255722 bytes)
MikeLing2D_0255.JPG (21018 bytes)


Other ships

MikeLing2D_0228b.JPG (197801 bytes) mikeling_fighter01a.JPG (34326 bytes)


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